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21Where are Depends?
22Cats make a tasty supperFunny!
23A man in Johannesberg, South Africa...
24After the birth of her new baby...
25They just got luckyFunny!
26Commiting suicide
27Recently I answered the phone and it was a sales person...Funny!
28Frequently, I get a strip of coupons or other promotional...
29I had a uncle one time who left my little brother...
30Only in Merry Olde EnglandFunny!
31OK one time me and two of my friends went over to...Funny!
32You Ought to be in Pictures!Funny!
33A wonderful weddingFunny!
34Jason Heck tried to kill a millipede...
35Once in a diner, I wanted a Ham & Tomato toasted...
36I was shopping and saw the Hi-C candy canes...
37It is longer
38Thanksgiving day
39Oriole sexFunny!
40My cousin Denney came to visit from the farm last summer...Funny!
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