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1An understanding juryFunny!
2My 9 year old son...
3This is an actual ad that appears in the June 97...
4The ad in the paper from the Humane Society
5A friend of mine is in danger of losing his license...Funny!
6One of our Favorite Headlines II
7One of our Favorite Headlines
8A little error
9Went to lunch with a friend today to a new chicken place...
10Not far from me we have a friend who raises Brahma Bulls...
11Crazy Glue Passenger
12When we lived in Topanga we knew a family consisting of...Funny!
14A Malaysian monkey that had been trained to...
15Following the initiatives of the Afghan Taliban...
16The male praying mantis cannot copulate...Funny!
17Possibly, a worst job in the world
18A phone in a pet
19The power of musicFunny!
20Lizard birthFunny!
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