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1It is quite common during the first clinical year...
2Scrotum Self-RepairFunny!
3An amazing penetrationFunny!
4I am a Paramedic, recently I was called to...
5A woman is suing the pharmacy that...Funny!
6A friend of mine is in danger of losing his license...Funny!
7A Florida woman is offering to sell one of her kidneys...
8Sign in an optometrist window
9The other day, while I was seeing my shrink...
10A Florida woman is offering to sell one of her kidneys...
12A World War II veteran came into a London clinic...
13A 20 year old man came to casualty with a stony mass...
14Sleep label
15A Kenyan doctor who removed a bean stuck...
16Limits of tactlessness
17In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman's genitals...Funny!
18A mannequin complaint
19Mysterious deathsFunny!
20VIAGRA in liquid form
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