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41Earn it hikingFunny!
42When I stopped the bus to pick up little five year old Chris...
43A necessary conditionFunny!
44A circumcisionFunny!
45One day shortly after the birth of their new baby...
46A man was taking his wife...Funny!
47Little Johnny catches his parents going at it...Very Funny!
48One day the teacher decides to play an animal game...
49A young boy on his way home from school must pass by a group...
50Johnny missed his final exam due to the flu...
51Who signed the Declaration of Independence?
52Charlie was playing with his little brother Mickey...
53What is Pink and Red and sits in a corner?
54One Sunday morning the pastor noticed little Johnny...
55Matering checking
56Little Johnny is in class. The teacher...
57Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
58A teacher was working with a group of underprivileged children...Funny!
59Finding the right answers
60What is the difference between boogers and spinach?
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