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42A big bird
43A young man was staying on a farm with his uncle and aunt...Funny!
44A dentis appointmentFunny!
45What's pink and slowly turns red?
46Think quality
47A hunter visited another hunter and was given a tour of his home...Funny!
48This male prostitute contracted syphilis...
49Broken legFunny!
50I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with...Funny!
51Holiday accomodations
52Little Mermaid
53Did you hear about the Blind man that went Bunjee jumping?
54What did the impatient helicopter say to its clumsy mechanic?
55This male prostitute contracted leprosy...
56What's worse than being raped by Jack the Ripper?
57Why lawyers should never ask a witness a question...Funny!
58Father of my childrenFunny!
59Two ears burned
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