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1What to Do With All Those "Free" Soaps When TravellingFunny!
2As US tourists in Israel...
3Useful Phrases to Know When Travelling in the Middle East
4On a cross-country bus trip...
5The subway car was packed...Very Funny!
6Noisy stuff
7A businessman boards a flight...Funny!
8Alaskan tourism
9Magician and Parrot
10Fly the Friendly Skies in your Cessna
11A caring husband
12A group of Americans was touring Ireland...Funny!
13El delicatassen
14The Hotel Odeon in Paris is offering tourists...
15A furrier from the US goes to Helsinki...
16Thank you..thank you very much!Funny!
17Pilot to tower...
18This lady who was living in New York City had to get back...Funny!
19Some men go on a hunting trip and separate into pairs...
20There was an exhibitionist who was taking a trip on an airplane...
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