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181Did you hear about the Blind man that went Bunjee jumping?
182Why'd the monkey fall outta the tree?
183Why does an elephant have four feet?
184What is the last thing to go through the mind of a mosquito...
185What's the difference between a rotwieler and a poodle?
186What do you call a dog with no back legs and balls of steel?
187Perfect customerFunny!
188A Second Opinion
189This is what should happen to ALL CATS!
190The Insensitive GorillaFunny!
191Male and Female Flies
192What's the difference between a duck and a cow?
193The story with the moralFunny!
194Why do elephants paint thier testicles red?
195What's the biggest drawback in the jungle?
196How do you catch an elephant?
197An old lady owned two monkeys...
198Why don't oysters give to charity?
199What is the worst thing that can happen to a bat while it sleeps?
200Why do elephants paint thier testicles red?Funny!
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