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81War ad
82What do pub landlords say in Kosovo at chucking out time?
83Bill and Hillary are at the first baseball game of...
84Bill and Hillary are at a restaurant...
85At a U.N. meeting the American ambassador...
86After spending a night at a hotel with a prostitute...Funny!
87Finally, Serbian hackers hacked the navigation systems...
88Why is Chelsea Clinton growing up a confused child?
89The Yugoslav news agency Tanjug reported that...
90Why are politicians like diapers?
91Did you hear that Clinton has announced there is a...
92Next US President
93A new bucket
95Fairy talesFunny!
96The Australian liberal party announced today...
97President Clinton and his wife are at the first baseball game...
98Saddam Hussein calls President Clinton and tells him...
99Ghosts in a White House
100Definition of politicsFunny!
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