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1Better than Sex
2A young, freshly minted lieutenant...
3During WW II an American soldier...
4A gentler way
5Two men were boasting to each other...
6British Military Officer Fitness Reports
7A man was being interviewed for a job...Funny!
8There was a young man in the Air Force...
9During the Vietnam war...
10There is a guy from ARMY driving from West Point to the Meadowlands...Funny!
11A sailor and a marine are taking a piss...Funny!
13From one of Tom Clancy books...Funny!
14A marine general, an army general and a navy admiral...Very Funny!
15The Company Commander and the 1st Sgt, were in the field...Funny!
16A good idea
17The Army Airborne major was used to harassment...Funny!
18During training exercises, the lieutenant driving down...
19Did you hear about the Polish Navy tragic accident?
20Young Amanpreet never quite got over his miserable...
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