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The Teacher tells the class they are going to play a game,
she will describe an object and the students will tell her
what she had described.

Teacher: "The first object is Red, Round, and has a stem." 
Timmy: " I know what it is, it's an apple." 
Teacher: "That's right, I like the way you're thinking." 
"OK the next item is round, has a peel, and you eat it."
Christopher: "I know what it is, it's an orange." 
Teacher: "That's right, I like the way you're thinking." 
Johnny: "Can I try, Teacher?" 
Teacher: "Yes Johnny, but, Keep it clean!" 
Johnny sticks his hands in his pockets and feels around for a
second, and says "My object is round, hard, and has a head on it." 
Teacher: "Alright Johnny, go to the office!" 
Johnny: "No Teacher, it's a quarter, but, I like the way you're thinking!" 

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