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John Martin

Email: Click here to email John Martin

John Martin is an Australian humor writer. Check out his new humor fiction novel Major BS: A Top Secret Mission at his website,

Articles by John Martin:

I am an empty shell of a guy, Added 2010-07-12

There's gold in them thar urinals after all, Added 2009-12-06
How to make a radio transmitter out of coconuts, Added 2009-10-28
Raiding the fridge is all relative, Added 2009-10-20

Scott Green

Email: Click here to email Scott Green

Scott Green is an award-winning humor columnist whose work has been run by the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Sports, and, as well as dozens of college newspapers.

Articles by Scott Green:

Holy Moses, it's still the story of Passover, Added 2010-04-06

Not to alarm you, but the universe is missing, Added 2009-11-30
Staying razor-sharp on Halloween, Added 2009-11-06
Aaahh!!! Real Lawsuits, Added 2009-10-26
For athletes, a Nobel example of peace, Added 2009-10-17

Joel Schwartzberg

Email: Click here to email Joel Schwartzberg

Joel Schwartzberg is an award-winning essayist, law school drop-out, doomed Wheel of Fortune contestant, and author of "The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad" - click on his homepage to learn more!

Articles by Joel Schwartzberg:

Isn't Every Day 'National Boss Day'?, Added 2009-10-13

Chandra Clarke

Email: Click here to email Chandra Clarke

Sometimes punny, always funny, read Chandra K. Clarke's weekly humour column

Articles by Chandra Clarke:

Something for Nothing, Added 2004-08-05

Melvin Durai

Email: Click here to email Melvin Durai

Melvin Durai is a U.S.-based, India-born writer and humorist whose weekly humor columns entertain thousands of people in more than 90 countries.

Articles by Melvin Durai:

Good spelling saves some yelling, Added 2008-08-15
Olympics trigger protests, boycotts and name-calling, Added 2008-04-21
Don't say no-no to the Nano, Added 2008-01-15

Why gift when you can regift?, Added 2007-12-18
Dear Santa, I'm on your side, Added 2007-12-10
Hit the border, the dollar is up, Added 2007-11-10
Don't wait for the boat: learn to swim, Added 2007-08-15
Don't holler if you find a Zimbabwe dollar, Added 2007-08-03
History will show Bush's greatness, Added 2007-07-19
Another birthday party, another war, Added 2007-06-18
Everyone has a voice on the Internet, Added 2007-06-06
The kiss that nobody could miss, Added 2007-05-04
Astronauts face many challenges, Added 2007-04-16
Panhandling: A career in jeopardy, Added 2007-04-02
Better to be safe than stupid, Added 2007-03-23
Let the beer come to you, Added 2007-03-13
Obama gets voters excited, confused, Added 2007-01-29
Too many hang ups about death penalty, Added 2007-01-08

Celebrity names I'd like to see, Added 2006-12-03
The challenges of being a domestic dad, Added 2006-10-27
Kids want to put hits on vinyl records, Added 2006-10-06
Buy yourself a carefree flight, Added 2006-09-08
Waiting for the president to check out, Added 2006-08-18
The aliens keep looking down on Earth, Added 2006-08-07
'A' is for 'Arrest,' 'B' is for 'Bail', Added 2006-07-11
A random sample of proud New Yorkers, Added 2006-07-04
Memo to staff: Get some work done, Added 2006-06-13
Real proof of Bush's Popularity, Added 2006-05-22
Searching far and wide for a bride, Added 2006-04-22
The game within the game, Added 2006-04-10
The only real democracy in the world, Added 2006-03-27
The nice old woman in the shoe, Added 2006-03-18
Bush rides wave of popularity in India, Added 2006-03-05
The steep cost of defeating terror, Added 2006-02-18
Borrowing eggs from the eggheads next door, Added 2006-02-10
Mr. Microsoft puts his dough to work, Added 2006-01-31
Thou shalt not judge beauty contests, Added 2006-01-19
The big achievement that makes us proud, Added 2006-01-06

Don't spit on a good habit, Added 2005-11-15
Catch a bus in India and don't let go, Added 2005-10-16
A dictionary for self-motivated self-starters, Added 2005-10-07
Say 'cheese' and bend your knees, Added 2005-09-18
Put your foot on the road, not on the gas, Added 2005-09-10
So much to learn about Canada, Added 2005-08-27
Downsize your husband before you move, Added 2005-08-14
Indian English: It vill be wery helpful, yaar!, Added 2005-07-25
That's no potato on the couch, Added 2005-07-11
Shedding some light on Africa, Added 2005-07-02
The other side of glamourous careers, Added 2005-06-26
Public breast-feeding: Don't hate it, embrace it, Added 2005-06-15
An Arrowsmith record we can dance to, Added 2005-06-06
Questions that probe your heart, Added 2005-05-26
Extra points for a timely loss, Added 2005-05-16
Asian countries love patient tourists, Added 2005-05-07
Emailing the Pope your questions, Added 2005-04-29
Still figuring out what women want, Added 2005-04-24
Life's merry with a maid, Added 2005-04-13
Don't keep me alive, unless ..., Added 2005-04-06
Steroids filling shoes in a shoeless sport, Added 2005-03-23
Prison reform, the Martha Stewart way, Added 2005-03-17
Lessons from my daughters, Added 2005-03-06
Made in China and full of patriotism, Added 2005-02-15
Promoting fairness and turban awareness, Added 2005-02-09
Scoring big on the report card, Added 2005-01-29
Cabbies who won't take you for a ride, Added 2005-01-21
Don't sue me, I'm warning you, Added 2005-01-15

Being the type of person who cares, Added 2004-12-30
Resolving to be a better dog, Added 2004-12-30
Iraqi leaders debate hot issues, Added 2004-12-17
A strike all parents should like, Added 2004-12-17
Falling in love by accent, Added 2004-11-27
Helping you heal the election wounds, Added 2004-11-09
The fear among the infidels, Added 2004-11-09
The four stages of finding a mate, Added 2004-10-25
Voting for the gifts of democracy, Added 2004-10-14
Staying on message at the debate, Added 2004-10-02
Anything but the facts, Ma'am, Added 2004-09-19
Revival of an endangered species, Added 2004-09-10
We're sleeping in our drawers again, Added 2004-08-31
Finding the true Olympic spirit, Added 2004-08-27
A marriage made in Hollywood, Added 2004-08-14
The hot movie that's burning Bush, Added 2004-08-04

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