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I came home from work one day and my mother was making 
french fries in a Fry Daddy fryer.  I saw her taking out 
soggy french fries and I asked her why is she taking them 
out when they weren't done.  She said the oil keeps 
bubbling up and making a mess.  I just ignored her and went 
into the other room and started to watch Sally Jessy 
Raphael on t.v.  Then I remembered my daughter had just 
refilled my sons bubble blower and the gallon jug you buy 
from Toys R Us looks just like the gallon of oil.  Well 
sure enough.  We almost had bubble fries for dinner. You 
should have seen all the bubbles all over the place.  My 
mother is not usually this senile but this day she outdid 

Sent by Carol

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