this.document.write('My father is an ex-Marine who served in the Vietnam War. He tells me many stories about pranks and stuff he pulled, and here is one that stood out.
He was on patrol, in the pitch black night, with orders NOT TO FIRE unless an enemy was spotted. In the pitch black night. Well he wasn\'t about to wait until the VK was in his face with a combat knife before he started shooting, so he looked around for a reason to open fire. And they found one.
In the distance, they heard a Vietnamise bird, nicknamed the \'fuck you\'
bird because of its \'unique cry.\'
They got on the radio.
"This is \'Bubbles\' (his nickname, another story), we have spotted a gook, sir, request permission to open fire."
"Roger, open fire."
They then began shooting wherever the bird was heard. Of course, they couldn\'t just stop there...
"This is bubbles, Requesting airstrike..."
Yup. He called in Willie Peter, Napalm, Airstrikes, \'Puff the Magic Dragon\' (a large plane with a lot of machine guns that could level an area the size of a football field in a matter of seconds.) as well as laying thier own steel.
In the morning, the bird was still there. But 30 VK\'s were confirmed dead.
Needless to say, my father was put in for a commendation. But because he wasn\'t a brownnoser, he didnt get it.

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