this.document.write('Long ago in Israel the wisest man, a great philopher and thinker, was holding audience. Everyone was there - the hall was packed out -
politicians at the front, professionals, doctors, lawyers next, then businessmen, etc., with lesser beings further and further away.

He intones his most famous and deepest saying: "Life is like a fish".
Everyone murmers in obedient and respectful agreement "How wise", "What a thinker", "How true", "What a man".

At the very back of hall, a callow, spotty youth - a freshman probably, sticks his hand up and asks "Why?". Absolute horror around the hall...
They stare round enraged at him "How can he question the great man?", "Has he no sense at all?". They stare back anxiously at the great man - what will he do? He doesn\'t react, just sits there, pondering. The atmosphere is electric. After ten minutes of deep thought, the great man looks up, the audience expectant with bated breathe. He speaks. "Alright, so it\'s not like a fish".');