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Today's jokes [8.2.13]

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Lunching with English friends at the time of her husbands reverement,
Madame de Gaulle was asked what she was looking forward to in the
years ahead.
"A penis." she replied without hesitation. The embarrassed silence that
followed was broken by the former President.
"My dear, I don't think that the English pronounce the word like that,
it is 'appiness'" 


A man was walking in the street when he heard a voice: "Stop! Stand 
still! If you take one more step, a brick will fall down on your head and 
kill you."
The man stopped and a big brick fell right in front of him. The man was 
astonished. He went on, and after awhile he was going to cross the road.
Once again the voice shouted: "Stop! Stand still! If you take one more
step a car will run over you and you will die."
The man did as he was instructed, just as a car came careening around the 
corner, barely missing him.
"Where are you?" the man asked. "Who are you?"
"I am your guardian angel," the voice answered.
"Oh yeah?" the man asked..."And where were you when I got married?"


   A new two year degree is being offered at LIFE UNIVERSITY
   that many of you should be interested in: BECOMING A REAL MAN. That's
   right, in just six quarters you, too, can be a real man, as well as
   earn an AA degree (AA Real Men). Please take a moment to look over the
   program outline.
   Autumn Schedule
   MEN 101 Combating Stupidity
   MEN 102 You Too Can Do Housework
   MEN 103 PMS - Learn When To Keep Your Mouth Shut
   MEN 104 We Do Not Want Sleazy Underthings For Christmas
   Winter Schedule
   MEN 110 Wonderful Laundry Techniques
   MEN 111 Understanding The Female Response to Getting In At 4 a.m.
   MEN 112 Parenting: It Doesn't End With Conception
   EAT 100 Get A Life, Learn To Cook
   ECON 001A What's Hers Is Hers
   Spring Schedule
   MEN 120 How NOT To Act Like An Asshole When You're Wrong
   MEN 121 Understanding Your Incompetence
   MEN 122 YOU, The Weaker Sex
   MEN 123 Reasons To Give Flowers
   ECON 001B What's Yours Is Half Hers (Must Pass ECON 001A)
   Autumn Schedule
   SEX 101 You CAN Fall Asleep Without It
   SEX 102 Morning Dilemma: If It's Awake, Take a Shower
   MEN 201 How To Stay Awake After Sex
   MEN 202 How To Put The Toilet Seat Down
   ELECTIVE (See Electives Below)
   Winter Schedule
   MEN 210 The Remote Control: Overcoming Your Dependency
   MEN 211 How Not To Act Younger Than Your Children
   MEN 212 You, Too, Can Be A Designated Driver
   MEN 213 Honest - You Don't Look Like Tom Cruise - Especially Naked
   MEN 230A Her Birthdays and Anniversaries Are Important 1
   Spring Schedule
   MEN 220 Omitting @&*%$#* From Your Vocabulary (Pass/Fail Only)
   MEN 221 Fluffing The Blanket After Farting Is Not Necessary
   MEN 222 Real Men Ask For Directions
   MEN 223 Thirty Minutes of Begging Is NOT Considered Foreplay
   MEN 230B Her Birthdays And Anniversaries Are Important 2
   Course Electives
   EAT 101 Cooking With Quiche
   EAT 102 Utilization of Eating Utensils
   EAT 103 Burping And Belching Discreetly
   MEN 231 Mother-in-Law
   MEN 232 Appear To Be Listening
   MEN 233 Just Say, Yes Dear
   ECON 001C Cheaper To Keep Her (Must Pass ECON 001B)


A woman goes into a bar and orders a beer. She grabs the beer and tips it 
down the back of her skirt. The barman looks amazed as she orders another 
and again tips it down her skirt.
Finally, the barman says: "Why are you tipping your drinks down your 
"Well," the chick replies, "I've just won the lottery and this is the only 
arsehole I'm shouting!"


Mongo's old lady decided she wanted t do
something special to please him on his
birthday, so she bought a pair of crotchless
That night, as he came into the house, she
lay sprawled on the couch spread-eagle.
"Hi hon," she purred sexily. "Y'all want
some of this?"
"Hell, no!" he hollered. "Look at what it's
done to your undies!"


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Dear John, I'm sorry I broke off our engagement. I miss you terribly and regret my decision. Please take me back.


PS. Congratulations on winning the World Series of Poker Main Event.

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