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Today's jokes [11.28.12]

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Q: Why was the blonde looking in the refrigerator? 

A: Because The organe Juice said concentrate 


It was the age when knighthood was in flower.
A young lady was pounding away at a piece of
iron with a sledgehammer. Another young lady
saw her and asked, "What are you doing?"
The first one answered, "I'm making socks and
sweater for some soldier boy!"


Why do Jews wear yarmulkes?
Because the little propellers cost extra!


This truck driver hauling a tractor-trailer load of computers stops
   for a beer. As he approaches the bar he sees a big sign on the door
   saying "NERDS NOT ALLOWED -- ENTER AT OWN RISK!" He goes in and sits
   down. The bartender comes over to him, sniffs, says he smells kind of
   nerdy, asks him what he does for a living. The truck driver says he
   drives a truck, and the smell is just from the computers he is
   hauling. The bartender says OK, truck drivers are not nerds, and
   serves him a beer. As he is sipping his beer, a skinny guy walks in
   with tape around his glasses, a pocket protector with twelve kinds of
   pens and pencils, and a belt at least a foot too long. The bartender,
   without saying a word, pulls out a shotgun and blows the guy away. The
   truck driver asks him why he did that. The bartender said not to
   worry, the nerds are overpopulating the Silicon Valley, and are in
   season now. You don't even need a license, he said.
   So the truck driver finishes his beer, gets back in his truck, and
   heads back onto the freeway. Suddenly he veers to avoid an accident,
   and the load shifts. The back door breaks open and computers spill out
   all over the freeway. He jumps out and sees a crowd already forming,
   grabbing up the computers. They are all engineers, accountants and
   programmers wearing the nerdiest clothes he has ever seen. He can't
   let them steal his whole load. So remembering what happened in the
   bar, he pulls out his gun and starts blasting away, felling several of
   them instantly. A highway patrol officer comes zooming up and jumps
   out of the car screaming at him to stop. The truck driver said,
   "What's wrong? I thought nerds were in season."
   "Well, sure," said the patrolman, "But you can't bait 'em."


   Tell ya what though, I don't have it nearly as rough as one of my
   neighbors. When he attends a wife swapping party, he has to throw in
   the maid, and a mistress to be named later.


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Dear John, I'm sorry I broke off our engagement. I miss you terribly and regret my decision. Please take me back.


PS. Congratulations on winning the World Series of Poker Main Event.

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