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Today's jokes [12.19.11]

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There was a young man in the Air Force who was so well- 
endowed that it was bothering his knee. Three Air Force 
doctors and one Air Force nurse were in the operating room to 
remedy the situation. The first doctor said, "We'll just take a 
big hunk off the end." They discussed it and decided that 
would affect his sensitivity.

The second doctor said, "We'll just take a big hunk out of the 
middle of it." They discussed this, and decided it would change 
the texture and feel of it.

The third doctor said, "We'll just take a big hunk off the base of 
it." They discussed this, too, and agreed that it might give him 
erection problems.

The doctors heard a sniffling, and looked over at the nurse who 
had tears running down her cheeks. The nurse cried, "Can't we 
just make his legs longer?" 


One day there were these three boys walking down 
the street, all of a sudden they heard a yell: 'HELP! HELP!'
 When the boys got to the noise they saw Bill 
Clinton in a lake drowning. The three boys saved 
him from drowning. Bill Clinton asks the first 
boy how he could ever repay him. The boy said, 
'I want a boat.'
The second boy said 'I want a truck.' 
And the third boy said, 'I want three tombstones with are
names all on them.'  Bill Clinton said, 'why is that son?' 
The little boy said, 'because when my Dad finds out that we
saved you, he is going to kill us all!'


A carpet-layer had just finished installing carpet for a lady.
He stepped out for a smoke, only to realize he'd lost his
In the middle of the room, under the carpet, was a bump. "No
sense pulling up the entire floor for one pack of smokes," he
said to himself. He proceeded to get out his hammer and
flattened the hump.
As he was cleaning up, the lady came in. "Here," she said,
handing him his pack of cigarettes. "I found them in the hallway."

"Now," she said, "if only I could find my parakeet. "


There was a guy sitting at a bar having a beer.
Up walks a so called "lady of the night". She
says, "For $300.00, I'll do anything you want."
Our fine lad thinks for a moment then says:

Ok. Paint my house, bitch! 


Q: How do you get rid of a nun's hiccups?
A: Tell her she's pregnant!


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Dear John, I'm sorry I broke off our engagement. I miss you terribly and regret my decision. Please take me back.


PS. Congratulations on winning the World Series of Poker Main Event.

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