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Today's jokes [3.29.10]

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   This guy and his girlfriend are fighting....she says "I'm breaking up
   with you." "Why??"
   he asks. She says "because you are a pedophile".
   He says "Pedophile?????? Hmmmm that's an awfully big word for a 10
   year old."


Why did the blonde go half way to Sweden and then turn around and come 

It took her that long to discover that a 14 inch Viking was a television. 


   A man walks into a pharmacy and asks the woman behind the counter, "Is
   there a male pharmacist available?"
   "No" she says, "My sister and I own this place and we are both
   pharmacists. How can we help you?"
   The man steps back, opens his coat revealing this rather large bulge
   in the front of his pants and says, "Its been like this for 7 days
   now, can you give me anything for it?"
   "Hmmm", says the woman, "Let me go consult my sister."
   Moments later she returns and says, "OK, we'll give you $400 cash and
   a half interest in the pharmacy."


In a similar vein, tell your victim that you have a test of coordination
you would like him to try with you.  Find a door with a fairly large crack
between the door and the wall when the door is open.  (You know, over by
the hinges; across the width of the door from the doorknob...)  You need an
egg (NOT hard-boiled), and a wood floor (you don't want the egg cracking on
carpeting, do you??).  Now, have your victim get on the opposite side of
the door from you, and put 2 fingers through the door.  Hand him the egg,
in those two fingers.  Working with him, trade the egg back and forth a
couple of times, moving UP the door frame.  After you have his confidence,
leave.  He will be trapped there, holding this egg by two fingers through
the door.  If he lets go and nobody takes the egg, it will crash to the
floor.  Best to do in the person's own room.


What is Pink and Red and sits in a corner? 

     A baby with a razor blade. 


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