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Today's jokes [8.22.09]

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A boss of a big company needed to call one of his employees about an
urgent problem with one of the main computers. He dialed the employee's 
home phone number and was greeted with a child's whispered, "Hello?"
Feeling put out at the inconvenience of having to talk to the
youngster, the boss asked, "Is your Daddy home?"
"Yes," whispered the small voice.
"May I talk with him?" the man asked.
To the surprise of the boss, the small voice whispered, "No."
Wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, "Is your Mommy there?"
Yes," came the answer.
"May I talk with her?"
Again the small voice whispered, "No."
Knowing that it was not likely that a young child would be left home
alone, the boss decided he would just leave a message with the person
who should be there watching over the child.
"Is there anyone there besides you?" the boss asked the child.
"Yes," whispered the child, "a policeman."
Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee's home, the boss
asked, "May I speak with the policeman?"
"No, he's busy," whispered the child.
"Busy doing what?" asked the boss.
"Talking to Daddy and Mommy and the Fireman," came the whispered
Growing concerned and even worried as he heard what sounded like a
helicopter through the ear piece on the phone, the boss asked, "What
is that noise?"
"A hello-copper," answered the whispering voice.
"What is going on there?" asked the boss, now alarmed.
In an awed whispering voice, the child answered, "The search team
just landed the hello-copper."
Alarmed, concerned, and more than just a little frustrated, the boss
asked, "What are they searching for?"
Still whispering, the young voice replied along with a muffled
giggle, "Me."


An airplane takes off from the airport. The Captain is Jewish and the 
First Officer is Chinese. It's the first time they've flown together and 
it's obvious, by the silence, that they don't get along.  After thirty 
minutes, the Jewish Captain mutters: "I don't like Chinese."  The First 
Officer replies: "Oooooh, no like Chinese? Why dat?"  "Your people bombed 
Pearl Harbor. That's why I don't like Chinese."  "Nooooo, noooo, Chinese 
not bomb Peahl Hahbah. That Japanese, not Chinese."  "Chinese, Japanese, 
Vietnamese... it doesn't matter, you're all alike."  Another thirty 
minutes of silence.  Finally, the First Officer says: "No like 
Jew."  "Why not? Why don't you like Jews?"  "Jews sink Titanic."  "The 
Jews didn't sink the Titanic. It was an iceberg."  "Iceberg, Goldberg, 
Rosenberg, Spielberg; no mattah ... all da same."

Sent by Renata


There was this Asian lady married to an American gentleman and they
lived in Honolulu. The poor lady was not very proficient in English,
but managed to communicate with her husband. The real problem arose 
whenever she had to shop for groceries. 

One day, she went to the butcher and wanted to buy pork legs. She didn't
know how to put forward her request, and in desperation, lifted up her 
skirt to show her thighs.  The butcher got the message and the lady went 
home with pork legs. 

The next day, she needed to get chicken breasts. Again, she didn't know 
how to say, and so she unbuttoned her blouse to show the butcher her 
breast. The lady got what she wanted. 

The 3rd day, the poor lady needed to buy sausages. Unable to find a way
to communicate this, she brought her husband to the store... 

What were you thinking? Helloooooooooo, her husband speaks English!!


One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes
at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother had several
strands of white hair sticking out in contrast to her brunette hair.
She  looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, "Why are some of 
your hairs white, Mom?

Her mother replied, "Well, every time that you do something wrong and
make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.

The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then
said, "Momma, how come ALL of grandma's hairs are white?"


A husband and wife were out playing golf. They tee off and one drive goes 
to the right and one drive goes to the left.
The wife finds her ball in a patch of buttercups.  She grabs a club and 
takes a mighty swing at the ball.  She hits a beautiful second shot, but 
in the process she hacks the hell out of the buttercups.
Suddenly a woman appears out of nowhere. She blocks her path to her golf 
bag and looks at her and says, "I'm Mother Nature, and I don't like the 
way you treated my buttercups. From now on, you won't be able to stand 
the taste of butter. Each time you eat butter you will become physically 
ill to the point of total nausea."
The mystery woman then disappears as quickly as she appeared.
Shaken, the wife calls out to her husband "Hey, where's your ball?"
"It's over here in the pussy willows."
The wife screams back, "DON'T HIT THE BALL!!!! DON'T HIT THE BALL!!!!"


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