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Today's stories [1.19.09]

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[Reuters, Mississauga, Ontario]
Man slips, falls 23 stories to his death. A man cleaning a bird feeder on
his balcony of his condominium apartment in this Toronto suburb slipped
and fell 23 stories to his death, police said Monday. Stefan Macko, 55,
was standing on a wheeled chair Sunday when the accident occurred, said
Inspector D'Arcy Honer of the Peel regional police.  "It appears the chair
moved and he went over the balcony," Honer said.  "It's one of those freak
accidents. No foul play is suspected."


Richard said he had a hat that says, "For sale- Ex Wife. Take 
over payments."


It was reported today in a prestigious medical periodical
that the black man is superior in all factions to his white
Leahn Barthomeau, who headed up the study, said that
previous studies indicated that the black man was
superior in strength, but was believed to be inferior
intellectually because of a smaller cranial area.
"Our study shows that the black man is actually smarter
than the white man", he continued.
"While the black man demonstrates his physical prowress
in mindless sports (NFL/NBA/NCAA) the white man will do
either one of two things:  1) He will try to compete or 2) watch."
"In conclusion we believe the white man is mindlessly handing
the black man's meal ticket for displaying his physical attributes.
Who is smarter? The black man, of course."


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